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lifetime adjustments at Marty's Reliable Cycle

When you purchase a new bike from Marty's Reliable Cycle it comes with lifetime adjustments. We want you to have the best experience possible on your new bike. Be sure to bring your bike back after a month of riding for its initial adjustments. The first service is quite important and will insure your bike will work well over many miles.

These simple adjustments can be done quickly and while you wait on most occasions. Our lifetime adjustment program is not a replacement for regular service though. We recommend one of our service packages yearly to keep your bike running smoothly.

Minor Brake Adjustments

Brakes need to be adjusted frequently to insure proper stopping distance. We will take care of minor brake adjustments under our lifetime adjustments program.

Minor Shifting Adjustments

If the bike needs a simple and quick adjustment of the front or rear shifter we will take care of it while you wait. Shifting should be crisp and precise. 

Minor Wheel Truing

If your rims are slightly out of true we can adjust the spokes to bring the rim back into line. If the rim requires the turn of more than one or two spoke nipples, we do charge for our major wheel truing.

Drivetrain Lube

There is nothing worse then a squeaky bike chain. Proper lubrication of the drivetrain will ensure it lasts long and works well.

Tire Pressure Check

We always inflate tires to the proper pressure. It prevents annoying pinch flats and allows the bike to perform the way it was intended.


Lifetime adjustments does not include bleeding hydraulic brakes

Diagnostics for Di2 and other electronic groups are not included

Bikes purchase before 1999 are not included in the program

Lifetimes adjustments are not a replacement for the regular service a bike requires.

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