Morristown Renovation - Photos - December 2, 2009

The new windows are going in!  We are replacing all the windows on the front of the store, and adding a window on the side of the store.

Here is the new window on the side.

Before the new frame went in.

Ready for the first new window on the front!

Marty and the boys.


New skylight installed.

Here are the old windows on the right side of the store.  The new windows will go all the way to the ceiling.

This will be the new door that leads to the rear building.

New skylight in back room.

New frame ready for the front of the store.

Preparing the brick for the new frame.

New panes going in.

Almost done!

You can see the height of the old and new windows side by side here.


Moving the rear door and adding new siding.


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