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Morristown Revolutions NICA team

Morristown Revolutions NICA Team

Morristown Revolutions & NICA Team

The Morristown Revolutions is a composite team of the National  Interscholastic Cycling Association. 

Our name reflects Morristown's Revolutionary War history and the revolutions that our bicycle wheels make as we pedal to glory.

We are a Morristown based team with student athletes from the Morris School District and the Randolph School District. We have 39 student athletes on our team and our primary focus is to be as inclusive as possible of all kids interested in the sport of mountain biking. The age range of the kids is from 6th grade to 12th grade. We have a specific interest in getting more young women involved in this male dominated sport. 

Strong minds, strong bodies, strong character are what define our team and what push us forward. We are not only a results oriented team, but also have an interest in getting more kids riding bikes in general. No one sits the bench. No one is left behind. 

The team is a part of NICA NJ which is the NJ league. We have weekly practices and our season goal is to win the championship race in every category. We are a self funded team and we ask very little from the student athletes in terms of finances. We prefer to raise funds ourselves particularly for kids who are less fortunate.

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