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Precision Bike Fitting

Unleash Your Potential

The Precision Fit is a comprehensive assessment of a person's flexibility, limb length, core strength and foot type. We use that information along with the information we gather from the rider interview to properly fit the rider on the fit bike. The Precision Fit Bike is fully adjustable and the rider’s position can be manipulated on the fly. We do recommend the saddle pressure mapping as part of the fit as well. It is the best way on the market to choose a saddle that is comfortable and performs well. 

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Rider Interview and Physical Assessment

Motion Capture

Saddle Pressure Analysis

Motion Capture System

Saddle Choice 

Saddle Pressure Mapping

Foot Pressure Mapping

Foot Pressure Mapping

also available

Foot Pressure Mapping

Precision Fit $300

Precision Pro Fit Bike with power meter

  • Rider interview and physical assessment
  • Advanced shoe sizing and cleat positioning
  • Saddle Selection
  • Saddle Height 
  • Saddle fore/aft positioning
  • Handlebar width and selection
  • High speed video analysis to determine ideal cycling position

Additional $100 for saddle pressure mapping

Additional $65 for foot pressure mapping

Additional $50 for triathlon or TT bikes

Come prepared for a 4 hour fit session. 

Bring your cycling shoes, shorts, jersey & bike

Precision Fit is only available at our Randolph Location

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Bike Sizing $150

Using your own bicycle on a trainer

  • Shoe sizing and cleat position
  • Saddle Height
  • Saddle fore/aft position
  • Stem length and position
  • Handlebar width and position

Come prepared for a one hour session

Bring your cycling shoes, shorts, jersey & bike

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