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Reliable Wheel Building

Reliable Wheel Building

Marty's technicians are factory trained and qualified wheel building specialists.

Bicycle wheel building is known to be an art.  The art involves determining the correct spoke lengths (down the the milimeter), lacing the spokes onto your hub and rim in one of many patterns and tensioning the spokes properly so your wheel will be straight, round, strong and beautiful!  

Marty's wheel building technicians/artists are passionate about their art and that will show in the finished product.  Come in and speak to us today about building some custom wheels for your bike today.  

Wheel Building Labor

$70 and up

This price includes our consultation on determining the best hub, rim and spoke options for your particular needs AND the labor involved with building and lacing the wheel itself.   

Marty's staff is here to help you make good choices in the hub, rim and spokes you choose for your new custom wheels.  

We can order any parts you need, making Marty's a great one-stop shop for your custom wheel project.  Come in and chat with our knowledgeable staff today!


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