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Marty's Reliable Cycle Trade-In Program

At Marty's Reliable Cycle we are looking to build customers for life. We understand that kids outgrow bikes and we want to make it easy when it's time for a new one. Also, we offer trade-in options for adults as well. Whatever reason you have for needing a new bike, we want to make the trade in process simple and risk-free.

Kids Bike Trade-In

Bike Shop Quality Kids Bike*

Credit Towards a New Bike*

12" Bicycle


16" Bicycle


20" Bicycle Single Speed


20" Bicycle Multi-Speed


24" Bicycle Multi-Speed

$35 to $55

*we reserve the right to refuse any bike based on condition and type

*credit based on bikes in good condition - 12" & 16" bicycles missing training wheels will have a $10 deduction in credit

Adult Bike Trade-In

If the original value of the bikes was under $600 we can offer $50 to $300 based on condition.

Higher valued bikes we will be taken on a case by case basis. Please use the Bicycle Blue Book tool below to get an idea of a bikes value.

Trade In Calculator