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Weekly and monthly rides

Marty's Weekly/Monthly Rides

Rides are back!

We have lots of rides leaving from all three of our stores for all types of riders and levels. Our rides are good places to meet like minded individuals who enjoy riding with other people. All of our rides are friendly and we invite you to be part of our community. Helmets are required on all rides. On road rides please ride responsibly and share the road.  Rides are seasonal and the evening ones stop sometime in the fall. Check back for fall/winter rides.

All of our rides leave at the time posted. Please arrive with enough time to get ready to ride.

We would like all people riding to sign a waver for the year. The waver can be printed out here. You can also stop in the shop and get one.(when we are open)

Our rides and events can also be found on our Google Calendar here!


Monday Women's Ride

Monday morning women's road ride. This ride will be every Monday (weather permitting) at 9:30am from Loantaka Park in Morristown (468 South Street, Morristown NJ). The pace will be 12-14mph and the routes will be between 15-20 miles. This is a "no drop" ride, meaning no one will be left behind. Road bikes are recommended, but hybrids and gravel bikes may be fine for this ride as well.

 If you plan on coming and you haven't signed the 2021 waiver yet, please do it ahead of time if you can.

See the Team Marty's Women Facebook Group for more info.


Tuesday Evening Road Ride

This ride will be every Tuesday (weather permitting) at 6pm from Loantaka in Morristown (468 South Street, Morristown NJ). This ride is aimed at more experienced riders and the pace will be between 18-20mph. Routes will vary from week to week and be anywhere from 20-40 miles in length, depending on how much daylight we have at that time. This is a drop ride, so make sure to familiarize yourself with the route. Routes will be posted weekly in the Team Marty's Rides Facebook group.

See the Team Marty's Rides Facebook Group for the Route and more info.


Morristown Road Ride Summer 2021

20 Mile Road Ride leaving from Marty's of Morristown every Saturday at 8:00 am. 

This year we have an B group lead by Nikki R. Pace will be 15-16mph.

See our Facebook group for weekly updates

Ride ends with coffee at the Swiss Chalet Bakery

Randolph Road Ride

This is intended for road bike riders of all levels.  It will break into a fast (A) and slower groups (B+C) as necessary. The standard route is a 22 miles, but the faster groups often ride 42-52+ miles. You must wear a helmet and should be able to maintain a minimum of 15 mph average pace over varied terrain.  Meet at the Randolph store and be ready to ride out at 8:00 AM.   Call the Randolph location for more details, 973-584-7773.      You can email with any questions.  We try not to drop anyone and regroup several times , but it is possible to get separated so please upload the route below.    This ride goes year round and group size may vary depending on weather/time of year.   Feel free to ride in a group, solo, bring a friend or set your own pace.  

22 mile route        

22, 42, and 52 combo route


Morristown Sunday Road Ride

Mark's Sunday Morristown Ride - For Experienced Riders This is a 50-60 mile ride that usually leaves from the Morristown store (see Team Marty's Facebook group). Start time is typically 8:30 a.m. but may change. The route will vary each week and be posted on the Team Marty's Road Facebook page. The ride will usually have about 3500-4000 feet of climbing and will average 16-17 mph. .

"This is meant to be a "B" pace social ride for fit cyclists. If you think about some of the "event" rides I have had - the breakfast ride and New Year's day ride - this is what the Sunday shop ride will be. For those that are looking for something faster with more opportunities to attack and go for PRs, this is not the ride to do. Feel free to organize those rides separately and join this ride when you are looking for something a bit less intense.

 Mark "The Governor" Bernitz

Team Marty's Road - Routes posted weekly

Any questions, please contact Mark at the Morristown store (973-538-7773 or


 Our rides and events can also be found on our Google Calendar here!