Morristown Renovation - Photos - Early September 09


Work to begin soon on brick restoration

Construction of the soffit framework which will hang over the new counter

New wall framework at the bottom of the new basement stairway

The new basement stairs are in!  These are much less steep than the old ones.  The entire staircase was also moved three feet forward to allow more room for the connection between the old and new store sections on the main floor.

New deeper footings in the basement which support the new steel framework upstairs

The new steel beams are in!

These new steel beams allowed us to remove load bearing walls between the old and new store areas. 

small exposed section of an old steel beam on which the end of the new steel beam rests.

New steel beam resting on top of old steel beam

Junction of two new steel beams

New steel column holds up new steel beam

This is the floor of the area between the old and new store sections.  You can see where the hardwood floor ends at the edge of the old store section.  

Looking from the current store section through the new opening into the new store section

A few temporary columns remain where we are waiting for the arrival of custom fasteners to attach old wood beams onto the new steel beams.

Old cabinet inside the walls of the old house section of the building


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