Morristown Renovation - Photos - Late September 2009

These first few are more like Mid-September...  The cash register is still by the front entrance behind the temporary wall.

The first piece of drywall goes in!

The floor between the old and new sections.  Webbing to be filled in with cement to even the surface

Temporary wall still in place.

All the plumbing has finally been moved up against the ceiling.

Now we are on to late September.   The whole lower front part of the store is closed, so we moved everything upstairs and to the rear building.  Here is a lovely shot of our temporary cash register set-up.

Work on the brick storefront is looking good!

You can see where they have rebuilt some of the brick on top.

Someone has locked this sweet tandom to the scaffold!

The soffit framework has been installed.

The new counter area will be under this soffit.

Our new temporary wall.

New plumbing under the soffit framework.

Our new basement stairs entrance.

The new steel beams are now covered by drywall which is covered by the framework for the soffit.

Eco Chic Bicycle Boutique display left over from our Green Building Showcase

Part of what used to be the front counter.

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