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Our Staff


Jesse Epstein

Jesse is a fourth generation retailer in Morristown and grew up in the bike shop. He was 8 months old when Marty purchased Reliable Cycle in March of 1978. He is arguably the shop’s longest running employee besides Marty himself. As a kid Jesse would hang out at the shop, learning life’s lessons from the bike shop guys, to the dismay of his mom. He was known to take naps on broken down cardboard bike boxes as a young boy and officially started working at the shop in 1992 while he was in high school. He quickly took up mountain bike racing which became an immense passion for him and raced as much as he could.

Jesse is a certified BG master bike fitter and really enjoys fitting people on their new and used bikes. He finds it rewarding to watch people’s lives change through bike fitting and considers it a very powerful tool in helping riders to reach their potential in terms of comfort and efficiency.

History has a way of repeating itself and Jesse and his wife Johanna have a daughter named Jodie, a son named Jonah and the newest addition Julianna. Jesse hopes that one day his kids might follow in his footsteps and also work at Marty’s because it is a really fun and rewarding place to work.Bicycles have a way of bringing people and families together in a way that other activities just can’t. Jesse looks forward to sharing his love of cycling with his kids and the rest of the world.


Eric Noonan

Eric is the Manager of our Morristown location. Over the past 16 years he has been our Marketing Manager along with Race Director, Ecommerce Manager and Events Coordinator.

Eric has 20 years of experience in the bicycle industry. He began as a mechanic and has worn many hats throughout the years. Has a passion for cycling and enjoys riding and racing his bike.

Currently Eric is racing and riding road, but he can be found on a fat or plus bike in the winter.  He loves answering questions about getting in to racing and riding.

Bikes: Cervelo R3, Trek Checkpoint SL6,  All-City Big Block 

Instagram: @ericnoonan33


Eric Bopp

Eric has been working for Marty for several years and has developed an extensive knowledge on all of the products we sell. His ability to not only sell bikes but to develop relationships with our customers is the reason he is one of our most successful staff members on the sales floor. He provides a high level of service to every customer and always finds the right bike and equipment to fit their needs. 

Eric is riding a 2015 Trek Domane.


Artie Ayres

Born and raised in Morristown, Artie has been somewhat of a fixture at Marty's since he was a little kid, but he officially joined our team in the summer of 2015 bringing with him over a decade of experience in the bicycle industry.  In addition to being a graduate of the Restaurant School of Philadelphia and a licensed electrician, Artie also loves road and mountain biking and going on many outdoor adventures with his wife Emily.  He currently manages our Morristown service department where he makes sure every customer's bike receives the utmost of expert attention.

Bikes: Trek Farley 9.6, Gary Fisher Superfly, Scott 710 Plus


Mark Bernitz

"The Governor"

Mark joined us in March 2011 after 28 years in the corporate world and is thrilled with his new career at Marty's. He started riding back in college when he took a 6 week bike tour of Europe and has been riding ever since.  

Mark works in our Morristown store and can be found either stocking the shelves with the latest clothing and accessories, or helping customers with questions about bikes, shoes, or clothing. He leads the Sunday shop ride from Morristown, and is the unofficial leader of our Saturday shop ride there as well. 

Mark is currently riding a Domane 6.9 road bike, and a Domane SLR 7 Disc.  He rides them year round and over the last 4 years has ridden over 55,000 miles. Special thanks go to his terrific wife Peggy for being such a sport while he spends most of his waking, non-working hours on his bike !

Current bikes - Domane 6.9 and Domane SLR 7 Disc.

Favorite type of riding - Road

Megan Schmidt

Megan has worked at the Hackettstown shop since 2007, and enjoys helping customers find everything from their first mountain bike to their ultimate cross-country touring rig. She is certified through Trek Precision Fit, and is passionate about health and nutrition, touring, cx racing, bikecamping, and commuting (and is always excited to discuss these topics - or anything cycling related!) Megan leads an intermediate Sunday road ride in season and organizes the annual Marty's Spring Classic: Riding Dirty event.

Favorite type of riding: rowdy road rides with a dash of dirt, cross racing and riding, bikepacking tours, wilderness fatbike recon

Current bikes: Trek Ion cyclocross, Foundry Ratchet road, Surly Pugsley Mtb, Surly Crosscheck singlespeed, several utilitarian commuters

Instagram: @bypedal.nj


Eric "Yukon" Miller

Yukon has been a full time mechanic in our Randolph store since 2008. He has been in the bike industry since 1999, involved in both sales and service. He is an experienced mechanic who specializes in mountain bike repair including suspension and hydraulic brake service. If you have any mountain bike component or riding questions, he’ll be more than happy to help.

Yukon enjoys all type of biking from road cycling to downhill mountain biking. During the week he tries to get out for cross country riding with his trail dog and Randolph shop ambassador Reese Miller. More and more he has been riding road with our Saturday morning shop ride, or around Lake Hopatcong. And on Sundays he is usually found at Mountain Creek Bike Park, or any of the other many lift assisted parks in the northeast.

Bikes: 2015 Trek Session 9.9 WC, 2016 Trek Stache 9, 2016 Trek Emonda SL 6, Haro Steel Reserve DJ



Frank Ku

Frank got his first "real" mountain bike in 1995 a GT RTS3. He started working in bike shops in 2000 and raced on the University of Oregon club team while in college. 

Frank works at our Randolph store in our service department. He has a great knowledge of all the latest mountain bike inovations and has the riding skills to test them out. He is always willing to tackle any problem on any bike. 

Rides: Road, Mtb, Fat & Plus bikes, Touring Italy 

Bikes: 2016 Stache 9, 2017 Fuel EX 9.8, 2015 Madone 5 series, 2016 Salsa Blackborow,  Soma Wolverine with travel couplers and Di2 Alfine 11 speed, Trek Bellville,  old Raleigh fixie, Lemond Versailles.


Jonathan Nabut

Johnathan has been in the bike business since 1993. He started as a mechanic and quickly becoming the go to guy when it came to triathlon bikes and fit. He has helped many athletes make informed equipment choices and has attended numerous bicycle fitting seminars picking the brains of all the experts in the industry. If you want to go further, faster without sacrificing comfort, Johnathan can help you achieve your goals. His bicycle fitting methods have helped beginners to seasoned champions in all cycling disciplines. 

Currently one of the first and only 7 people in North America who are Level 3 Precision Fit Certified.

Schedule a fit here!

When he is not riding, or spending time with his beautiful bride, he can be found studying Formula One websites or making a pilgrimage to Gran Prix. "After all, there is no sound made by man more glorious than the banshee wail of an F1 car flat out."

Currently ride a Project 1 Emonda SLR w/ DA9100. I’m very happy to finally have a bike that perfectly matches the team kit.  I also have a Crockette CX bike waiting for it’s first race season.
Jonathan will be making a comeback this year from a serious accident in september 2016.He hopes to start racing again in April, will be contesting the crits and TT’s again, with special targets this year being Tour of Somerville, Allamuchy TT (hometown race) and finally Gran Fondo NJ which will be one year plus a day since his accident. Then he plans to race the NJCX season in the fall.This will be a year of “participation” as  He feels very lucky and blessed to be able to ride at all, let alone race. 

Sean O'Meara

Sean joined the Hackettstown team in March 2011, and he is now working in our Morristown store. He is a full time mechanic with an appreciation for all kinds of bikes. He takes pride in turning an old dusty steed to a fully restored shiny new bike! Sean has a passion for mountain biking and enjoys riding in the rocky terrain of northern Allamuchy whenever he can. You’ll often find him tearing down the trails on his Trek Stache 9.8 or one of his re-purposed singlespeed 29’ers! Sean’s an awesome technical rider and is always happy to answer all of your bike-related questions! 

Bikes:  Trek Stache, All City Macho Man, Surly Pugsley


Peter Albrecht

Peter has been working in the bike industry since 2002 and started working for Marty's in January of 2016.  He's been a big fan of bikes his entire life but it was commuting and riding the trails around Tucson on a Trek 820 while earning his bachelor's from The University of Arizona that really made him catch the bug.  Peter is currently a mechanic at our Morristown location and he enjoys both road cycling and exploring the many trail systems of New Jersey on his hardtail.

Bikes:  Trek Domane 4.5 Disc, Gary Fisher Paragon, Trek Lime


Marc Engel

Marc started working at bike shops right out of high school in 1983 and hasn't looked back since. He has worked in many aspects of the cycling industry and joined us in 2006 to bring his many years of wrenching experience to our repair area and specializes in unique and unusual bikes. With a collection of antique bikes dating back to an 1895 Hartford Pnuematic there is not much Marc has not seen but always loves it when an older bike come in for repair or just answer questions the customer may have.

Marc's current favorite ride is a Trek Farley 9.6 fat bike. He loves taking his son Noah on bike rides in a trailer and also commuting to work. 

Marc's collection of bikes includes: 2017 Crockett, 2017 Farley 9.6, 2016 Emonda  ALR with sram Red, 1972 Worksman Utility Trike, 1919 Atlas Saftey Bike, 1905 Peirce Full Suspension Bike, 1895 Hartford Pnuematic, 1981 Shimano 600ex show bike, 1978 Bickerton Folding Bike, 1974 Huffy Mono Shock BMX, Kirk Precision Magesium Bike with Mavic Zap Shifting, 1982 Vitus 979 Aluminum Road bike.

Favorite type of riding: Zwift!!! Fat Bike, Plus size atb, Cyclocross, Road,


Reese Miller

If you have visited our Randolph location in the past couple years you have likely met our furry employee. Reese is always happy to greet each and every customer at the front door. He loves kids and bikes even more. He participates in daily testing of our repair bikes and is happiest running along with his owner Yukon through any XC trail.