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Your bicycle should be a well oiled machine!  Let us take care of that for you.  Our expert technicians are trained to inspect, adjust, clean and lubricate all the mechanical systems on your bicycle. 

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Please see our Tune-Up package options below:

Comprehensive Tune-Up

- Lubricate chain, derailleurs, brake calipers and levers
- Adjust brakes and inspect pads for excess wear
- Adjust gears, wheel hubs, headset
- Tighten and inspect bottom bracket, stem and handlebar
- True wheels (excessive wheel damage may incur additional charges)

(parts are not included in price)

Deluxe Tune-Up 

Everything included in the Comprehensive Tune-Up
- Removal, de-greasing, inspection, re-lubrication and re-installation of front chain-rings, cassette, chain and derailleurs

(Parts are not included in price)