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The Cervélo P represents the groundwork of their unrivaled and technologically advanced triathlon bikes. The Cervélo P offers similar aerodynamics and pure speed at a far lower price than the P5. It is also certified to compete in time trials as well as triathlons, essentially giving you two bikes in one. The P-Series is centered around speed, storage, value, and comfort. It is the perfect bike for the rider looking for pure speed and massive power without any extra frills. With redesigned aerodynamics, stiffness, and comfort, the new P is lighter and more aero than the original P3. The Cervélo P checks every box on your way to building a simple and affordable speed machine. The new P-Series makes improvements to the P3 everywhere, especially in terms of pure speed. Overall, this bike is 18 percent stiffer at the bottom bracket and has a 30 percent increase in overall torsional stiffness. It is also 26 grams faster with a bare frame and 18 grams faster with accessories. This leads to more confident handling and faster acceleration. The aerodynamics on the P-Series have been improved as well. An extended seat tube cutout shields the rear wheel from the wind, eliminating turbulence and wind resistance. This bike has been tested in the wind tunnel with real life elements in play, proving itself to be a blazing fast machine before it ever hit the market. Combining aerodynamic speed and rider convenience is a huge part of triathlon bikes. The Cervélo P-Series has customizable aero components such as the Smartpak 400 and the AeroBottle 500. These aero storage units integrate beautifully into the headtube and downtube, only adding to the aerodynamic efficiency of the frame. This lightweight carbon frame is built for speed in addition to comfort, flexing with the athlete as they move. This is the most affordable version of the Cervélo P, equipped with a Shimano 105 groupset for mechanical shifting at an excellent price. Cervélo’s new P-Series is incredibly fast, efficient, simple, and comes in at a great price.
The P-Series is for the athlete seeking speed, storage, value, and comfort. It's our no-nonsense machine engineered to get you from A to B as fast as possible. It's a no-excuses machine and your perfect PR sidekick. It's lighter and more aero than its predecessor, the P3, making it faster on all courses. Naturally, aerodynamics and weight are only part of the equation, the P-series comes with a 500mL aero bottle, 400mL of top tube storage, and an integrated rear hydration mount. Customize the cockpit and the storage to your needs and your race. - Less Drag, More Speed Aerodynamics are critical to engineering a fast bike: aero drag accounts for as much as 90% of the overall resistance affecting a rider. The P-Series frame design and customized tube shapes improve its aerodynamics while enhancing its stiffness, weight, and usability - all in a UCI-legal package. - Modular Storage Modular Storage incorporates custom Cervélo parts and approved aftermarket accessories to allow full customization of your storage needs. It enables a secure and aerodynamic solution tailored specifically to your needs. BIKE SIZE AND SETUP CALCULATOR ON THE CERVELO WEBSITE We have simplified the process of sizing and setup. Our tool takes your x/y fit coordinates and provides you with a list of compatible frame sizes along with the corresponding riser and pad adjustment. This gives you the information you need to choose your optimal frame size. Simply enter your arm pad stack and reach measured from the BB to the back of the pad, along with saddle height to discover your options.
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