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36 Air Shaft Assembly for Fox suspension forks.
Transfer Dropper Post Remote A lightweight below-the-bar design for 1x drivetrains. FOX Transfer post levers provide smooth action and reduced force, providing consistent actuation pressure to raise or lower the seat. - 22.2 1x Remote I-Spec EV
34 Rhythm Air Shaft Assembly for Fox suspension fork service and repair.
Replacement air valve assemblies for Fox suspension.
Rebuild seal kits for Fox rear suspension service and repair. - Includes parts needed for rebuild
Air spring seal kits for Fox suspension repair and rebuild.
DPX2 Damper Shaft for FOX suspension service and repair. - FOX Damper Shaft - Steel, DPX2, 2pc, 0.360 ID, 0.498 OD, 3.464 TLG, 230/205X 65/60
Service parts for Fox suspension.
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