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Future Motion Onewheel Wrist Guards

Future Motion Onewheel Wrist Guards
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Don't be afraid to send it with these Triple-8 wrist guards. Comfy and snug with a flexible fit, these shock absorbing paw protectors are always a good idea. Pavement is hard, don't fight it alone.

To ensure a perfect wrist guard fit, measure hand circumference at the knuckles and match to the sizes listed below:

Size Guide (Approximate)
S 7.0 – 8.0 in (18-21cm)
M 8.0 – 9.0 in (21-23cm)
L 9.0 – 10.0 in (23-26cm)


Onewheel Safety

Safety is cool! It's also the most critical thing in making sure you have a great time riding Onewheel. Always, always, always make sure you're wearing a CPSC certified helmet that is fit well and buckled. You only get one head, so you have to take care of it! It's also important to wear close-toed shoes. It's best if they have flat bottoms for good grip and contact with the footpads. We also recommend wearing any other padding that makes you feel comfortable and confident while riding. That may include wrist guards, knee pads, or elbow pads. It's also essential that you are aware of your surroundings while riding and treat those around you with respect. Walkers are people too. When learning to ride, make sure you have a flat open area devoid of cars or other forces of chaos. Take it easy as you get going. Actually read the user manual, you first need to understand the board and it will help. And don't push it - you wouldn't ride black diamonds on your first-day snowboarding, Onewheel is no different. Wear a helmet, be safe and rock and roll!

Part Numbers

Option UPC Store SKU
Small 604352600064 WRI12814414S
Medium 604352600071 WRI12143534M