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Donation and Charity Requests

Thank you for thinking of Marty's Reliable Cycle for support of your organization or event. Marty receives hundreds of requests for donations annually. Because of this large number of requests, we have set parameters and criteria to evaluate such requests. Please understand that if we cannot fulfill your request, it is not a reflection on the quality or value of your project, but instead is a reflection of the sheer number of requests received as compared to the available resources.

Please read the guideline and criteria outlined for the program. If you feel your project or event falls within the guideline outlined, please fill out the online form. We will evaluate every request that falls within the guidelines outlined and give you a response within 30 days of your request.

Donation/Charity Program Criteria:

  • The event is in the market region for Marty's Reliable Cycle.
  • The program/ request is associated with the key element of Marty's business: bicycling.
  • The request is made through the online form and all requested information is complete.
  • The request for donation is received online at least two months prior to the event.

Program Details and Guidelines:

  • If approved, the organization will be required to provide a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate to waive New Jersey sales tax.
  • It is preferred that the organization is a non-profit organization and Marty's reserves the right to request proof of non-profit status. Signage will be placed on the item and identified as "This Bike Provided By Marty's Reliable Cycle" or "This (fill in equipment, ie: helmet) Was Provided By Marty's Reliable Cycle" as appropriate to the item.
  • If a bike or equipment is involved, Marty's will provide the necessary paperwork to allow the purchaser to exchange their product for an equivalent retail value.
  • It is Marty's policy to attach a current copy of the Donation/Charity Cost documents to the bike. This paperwork is required to be filled out by the purchaser/ winner of the bicycle or fitness equipment and brought to any of Marty's store locations.
  • If the requestor is having an auction/ raffle, they believe that someone will pay at least retail and possibly more, thus allowing them to make money for their cause.
  • Please understand there is not a high mark-up on bicycles. If you are concerned you will not be able to get what you paid for the item in the auction, there are two options: (1) you can try to find a benefactor to purchase the bike and donate it; or (2) if you don't make money (i.e. someone does not agree to pay the minimum bid), Marty's will take it back.
  • In rare instances, Marty's will donate a bicycle to a worthy cause. The same criteria will be used to determine the organization’s eligibility for this donation as outlined. It will be a strict requirement to have appropriate signage on the item donated. Failure to properly sign the item could result in the organization no longer being eligible for any donation or sponsorship program in the future.
  • Whenever possible the bike is to display a sign showing Marty's as the donor.This may not always be achievable for those bikes that are purchased under the Program but is a requirement for those bikes donated by Marty's.

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