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Precision Bike Fitting

Precision Fit is an investment in the enjoyment of your bicycle, and a commitment to ride more comfortably, longer and faster than before. It’s all about getting you closer to your cycling goals, whatever they may be.  

A proper, individualized fit helps you get there by idealizing your riding position for comfort and efficiency. While Precision Fit was developed to ensure professional athletes were in a position to put down maximum power to the pedals with maximum efficiency, experience has proven it has a much wider application to the average rider as well.  

Pain is not a normal part of cycling, and while there is no one-stop fix for chronic discomfort and the hampered performance that comes with it, high-tech analysis and the insights of an experienced professional can go a long way to improving anyone’s experience on the bike.   

Achieving your cycling goals will be easier with sophisticated analysis tailored to your body and riding style. This is where Precision Fit comes in. Precision Fit is more than a programmatic, computer system to adjust components and their position. It is a discussion, evaluation and analysis that leads to unique solutions to the different challenges of individual cyclists.

This Protocol is for your health and safety as well as everyone at Marty's Reliable Cycle. If you choose to not follow these requirements, please let our fitter (Jonathan) or Marty's Reliable Cycle know and your appointment will be cancelled. If you have a health problem which prevents you from wearing a mask, please contact Jonathan to discuss accommodations. Please refer to this article regarding the legality of businesses requiring masks:

  • All Marty's Reliable Cycle employees wear masks both outdoors and on the retail floor. Access to the Fitting Studio is restricted to required personnel only. All surfaces, tools, Fit Bike etc. will be disinfected after each fit. Retail sales or repair customers will not be allowed in the Fit Studio without a Fit appointment or accompaniment by the Fitter. 
  • Only the Fit Client may attend the fitting. If you bring a friend or family member they will be required to wait outside. If you need to bring a second person due to special requirements (a parent bringing a child for a fit, etc) please contact Jonathan to make arrangements. 
  • Please come dressed in your cycling clothes and ready to ride. 
  • If a member of your household currently has Covid-19 or you have been instructed to self- quarantine by a doctor or public health official, your appointment must be rescheduled. 
  • All Fit Clients will have their temperature taken immediately upon entering the Fit Studio with a touchless forehead thermometer. Any person with a temperature above 100 degrees Fahrenheit will have their fit rescheduled. 
  • Fit Clients who have respiratory symptoms (coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath) will have their fits rescheduled. There is no way for Jonathan to differentiate between allergies, a cold, the flu or Covid-19. If you have any of these symptoms, please contact the shop to reschedule. 
  • Please bring a clean bike and clean, dry shoes to your fit appointment. If you bring other equipment (saddle , stems, etc) please be sure they are clean. 
  • The fit client will be asked to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands prior to beginning the fit. 
  • The interview portion of the fit will be done with seating set up six feet apart. The musculoskeletal exam will be thorough but since some portions of the exam will require direct contact, the fitter will wear latex-free nitrile gloves during this portion of the fit. 
  • The on bike portion of the fit will be done with as much social distancing as possible but will require direct contact. The fitter will not be wearing gloves during this portion but will use hand sanitizer often. 
  • If your bike requires mechanical work as a result of the fit (handlebar swap, new crankset installation etc) you will leave the bike at the shop and pick it up at the agreed upon date due to the high volume of repairs at Marty's Reliable Cycle.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

Precision Fit Philosophy

Do not leave your fit to a computer or a formula. Our professional Bike Fitter will put an emphasis on your goals ,preferences and physical needs , ensuring that you leave with a fit that yields exactly the benefits you want it to.

Individualized Focus

We start with discussion about your goals, what’s holding you back and how you would like to see your riding or ride qualities improve. Precision Fit is all about getting the right setup for you and only you and that begins with the right questions.

Anatomical Analysis

This part of the equation is all about determining which unique properties of your physique and range of motion are impacting ride quality. Our technician will focus on putting you in a comfortable position where you can create the smoothest application of force to your pedals and maintaining that force for as long as you like.

Critical Thinking

Precision Fit is evidence based, but the data is analyzed on a case by case basis that is guided by the rider’s focus and needs. We have amazing technology to compile data on every element affecting comfort and performance, but at the end of the day this data is only as good as the Bike Fitter who has the critical thinking skills to apply it to your situation.

The Precision Fit Process

Precision Fit couples a personal understanding of your relationship with cycling and your bicycle with advanced sport science technologies and quantitative analysis. Precision Fit considers both preference and performance, making it applicable to anyone who is hoping to get more enjoyment from their bicycle.


During the interview, our Bike Fitter will get an idea of who you are as a rider, and who you want to be. The interview considers physical fitness, the type of riding you primarily do, your cycling goals and aspirations, any current or past injuries you might have and where you may be experiencing discomfort on the bike. Our Fitter is trained to first listen, and this is where the process is tailored to you.

Off-Bike Physical Assessment

The off-bike assessment is an extensive series of measurements and tests that determine proper sizing as well as providing a baseline measure of strength and flexibility. Our Fitter will evaluate alignment of critical body parts and take an assessment of your posture. You will perform basic strength and flexibility tests to determine what type of setup may be most appropriate for you. The accurate sense of where you are physically will guide the Fitter as you move onto the bike.

On-Bike Physical Assessment

With a thorough understanding of your background, goals and physiology, it is now time to step onto the bike. The on-bike assessment works from the ground up, evaluating the proper alignment of pedals and cleats, saddle height and fore and aft positioning, crank length, stem length, handlebar size and position and assessing your posture on the bike to achieve a neutral spine and the most comfortable position on the bike from which to pedal and breathe efficiently.

Backed By Data

Our Precision Fit Studio has amazing tools designed to evaluate the sports top competitors, and our Fitter has the knowledge and experience to apply these tools to your fit experience.

Fit Bike

Technological analysis begins with the Fit Bike, a tool that allows for a wide range of adjustment in both front and rear, and is linked to software to analyze everything from power output to rider positioning. Everything that is adjustable on a bicycle is adjustable down to a millimeter on the fit bike, and many adjustments can be made while the rider is still pedaling, allowing them to instantly feel the difference that sometimes minute changes can make. Many different riding positions can be simulated.

Saddle and Foot Pressure Analysis

Using pressure pads linked to analysis software, we can identify pressure points that may be problematic in the saddle and gain insights into your unique anatomy. The foot pressure tools allow the same type of analysis inside your shoes to help evaluate the efficacy of pedal stokes, cleat alignment, and foot support. This allows us to evaluate your pedaling efficiency. Our Fitter will make adjustments to your position on the fit bike and evaluate the effect on reducing pressure points, increasing pedaling efficiency, and improving your position on the bike.

Motion Capture and Dynamic Analysis

The human eye can comprehend approximately 17 frames per second and is unable to capture many of the smallest motions made on the bike. Our Precision Fit system employs a 60 frame per second camera to identify the subtlest intricacies of your pedal stroke and positioning. Coupled with analysis software, the live images this camera provides are compared to a desired set of angular norms and ranges to identify inconsistencies based on your physical assessment. By utilizing this high-speed video, our Fitter is able to conduct an analysis of your biomechanics and movement that simply could not be done as thoroughly with the naked eye.

Precision Fit with Saddle Analysis $475 

Available only at Marty’s Randolph location using a Precision Pro Fit Bike

  • Rider interview and physical assessment 
  • Advanced shoe sizing and cleat positioning 
  • Saddle Selection Saddle Height  
  • Saddle fore/aft positioning 
  • Handlebar width and selection 
  • High speed video analysis to determine ideal cycling position
  • -$100 without saddle pressure mapping
  • +$75 for foot pressure mapping
  • +$75 for triathlon or TT bikes

Come prepared for a 4 hour fit session. Bring your cycling shoes, shorts, jersey & bike.

Floor Fit $175

Available at all Marty’s locations using your own bicycle on a trainer

  • Shoe sizing and cleat position
  • Saddle Height
  • Saddle fore/aft position
  • Stem length and position
  • Handlebar width and position

Come prepared for a one hour session. Bring your cycling shoes, shorts, jersey & bike.

Recent Reviews:

Review left by Donna

Brought my road bike recently to have a bike fit appt with Jonathan at the Randolph location. He adjusted many different things on my bike after a long discussion with me. I've had bike fit appts for both my bikes now, and I would definitely do this with all my future bikes.I noticed the changes to my road bike immediately. A completely different ride experience. My chronic neck/shoulder pain has disappeared! Pedaling is more efficient and I feel more comfortable. Regret not doing this sooner.

Review left by Juliet

Did a fit with Jonathan. He was so thorough, knowledgeable and personable. He made adjustments based on my personal aspirations and fitness level. My early post fitting results indicate success! More time needed to ride and figure things out but first rides are promising. Jonathan is wonderful!