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Marty's Precision Fit Voucher
Precision Fit After your purchase, we will be in contact to schedule your fit. Precision Fit is an investment in the enjoyment of your bicycle, and a commitment to ride more comfortably, longer and faster than before. It’s all about getting you closer to your cycling goals, whatever they may be.   A proper, individualized fit helps you get there by idealizing your riding position for comfort and efficiency. While Precision Fit was developed to ensure professional athletes were in a position to put down maximum power to the pedals with maximum efficiency, experience has proven it has a much wider application to the average rider as well.   Pain is not a normal part of cycling, and while there is no one-stop fix for chronic discomfort and the hampered performance that comes with it, high-tech analysis and the insights of an experienced professional can go a long way to improving anyone’s experience on the bike.    Achieving your cycling goals will be easier with sophisticated analysis tailored to your body and riding style. This is where Precision Fit comes in. Precision Fit is more than a programmatic, computer system to adjust components and their position. It is a discussion, evaluation and analysis that leads to unique solutions to the different challenges of individual cyclists. Precision Fit with Foot Pressure and Saddle Analysis $465 Available only at Marty’s Randolph location using a Precision Pro Fit Bike Rider interview and physical assessment  Advanced shoe sizing and cleat positioning  Saddle Selection Saddle Height   Saddle fore/aft positioning  Handlebar width and selection  High speed video analysis to determine ideal cycling position +$50 for triathlon or TT bikes Come prepared for a 4 hour fit session. Bring your cycling shoes, shorts, jersey & bike.
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