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People often ask if Team Marty's is a team or a club. We are both a riding club and team (they are not mutally exclusive). We have chosen to call it Team Marty's because we want everyone to be part of the team. There are so many types of cyclists and Team Marty's is for everyone who wants be a part of the Marty's Reliable Cycle community. 

If you are interested in racing with us we have many members that compete in Mountain, Road, Triathlon and Cyclocross races. We also put on two USA cycling sanctioned races; The Lewis Morris Challenge Mountain Bike Race and the Marty Cross cyclocross race. They are great events for the cycling comunity and we work hard to make them a good experience for everyone who attends.

USA Cycling Club/Team - Team Marty's members, if you are signing up for your USA Cycling license, select "Team Marty's" as your team affiliation.  USA Cycling Home Page

Check out our Rides and Events Calendar We have riders who compete in the H2H mountain bike seriesOur road racers compete in the New Jersey Bicycling Association (NJBA)
Team Marty's Road Facebook Group.Photos, Results, Instagram feedEmail with any questions about Team Marty's