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Repair School

Marty's Park Tool School 2019
2019 Class Schedule Below Subjects covered: Tube & tire installation Tube patching Installing wheels Wheel truing Wheel concepts Chain installation & repair Brake systems Gear adjustments Stem & handlebar set-up On-ride repairs Bicycle specific tools Our Park Tool Bicycle Repair School will help you understand the mechanical workings of your bicycle. Many riders get frustrated when they are out on the road or trail because their bikes aren't working the way they want them to. Taking our classes will make you more in tune with your bike, which will allow you to have a better relationship with it! For example, if you understand the mechanics behind the gear shifting on your bicycle, you will be able to shift more smoothly, trouble shoot any shifting problems you may have, carry out repairs and adjustments, and generally have a more enjoyable ride! You will be working on your own bike, so please bring it to class! We will be using the Park Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair for reference and as a guide for the class. Students will get to keep a copy of the manual for future reference. ($30 value) 2018 Schedule of Classes Sign up here to reserve your spot today. Each Marty's Location is hosting 2 Repair Sessions. Each session covers the same content. Randolph and Hackettstown offer three classes that are two hours long and Morristown offers two classes that are three hours long. In the event of a snow storm we will organize a make up class. Course Cost: $160 2019 Schedule Marty's of Randolph Sessions Session 1: Tuesdays from 6:00 - 8:00pm Jan 22 Jan 29 Feb 5 Session 2: Tuesdays from 6:00 - 8:00pm Feb 19 Feb 26 March 5 Please contact Yukon at our Randolph location with questions about our Randolph Repair Classes (973) 584-7773. Marty's of Morristown Sessions Session 1 Sundays Noon-3pm January 13 January 20 Session 2 Sundays Noon - 3pm February 17 February 24 Session 3 Sundays Noon - 3pm March 3 March 10 Call our Morristown store with any questions 973-538-7773 Marty's Hackettstown Sessions Session 1 Thursdays 6-8pm January 17 January 24 January 31 Session 2 Thursdays 6-8pm February 7 February 14 February 21 Call the Hackettstown store with any questions 908-852-1650
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