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Smith Optics Forefront 2 MIPS

Smith Optics Forefront 2 MIPS
  • Color: Matte Amethyst/Bone
  • Color: Matte Archive Wild Child
  • Color: Matte Cinder Haze
  • Color: Matte Bone Gradient
  • Color: Matte Cloudgrey
  • Color: Matte Draplin
  • Color: Matte French Navy/Black/Rock Salt
  • Color: Matte Coyote/Indigo
  • Color: Matte Merlot/Aloe
  • Color: Matte Spruce/Safari
  • Color: Matte Dusk/Bone
  • Color: Matte White/Cement
  • Color: Matte Moss/Stone
  • Color: Matte Poppy/Terra/Storm
  • Color: Matte Slate/Fool'S Gold/Terra
  • Color: Matte Midnight Navy/Sagebrush
  • Color: Stripe Cult
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Color: Matte Trail Camo
$240.00 - $250.00
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Ready, set, send. This next generation of our award-winning Smith Forefront mountain bike helmet has your back (and front, and sides) thanks to MIPS and complete Koroyd impact protection. Designed to work with goggles or sunglasses, the helmet vents warm air, eliminating foggy lenses so you'll feel confident even if your line of sight is less than ideal. And when your palms start to sweat right before you drop in, you'll stay cool thanks to a full 20 vents that keep the air flowing. The visor adjusts for easy goggle storage between laps, and you can slide your glasses for secure storage on the front or back.

PROTECTION: Complete Koroyd coverage for lightweight, energy-absorbing and ventilated impact protection, MIPS Brain Protection System reduces rotational forces caused by angled impacts to the head, Integrated skeletal structure creates a roll cage for added strength and impact protection

FIT / INTEGRATION: VaporFit dial adjustment system offers 270-degree fit adjustment with the turn of a dial, Designed for ultimate integration with Smith performance eyewear and goggles for maximum comfort, venting and storage convenience, AirEvac ventilation system integrates with Smith goggles and eyewear for fog-free lenses

FEATURES: 20 fixed vents for consistent airflow, Three-position adjustable visor, Ionic+ antimicrobial lining offers sweat-activated odor control, Lightweight, low-bulk single-layer webbing, Front and rear eyewear storage channels

WEIGHT: (Size M, MIPS) 14oz / 380g


Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Matte Amethyst/Bone / Small 716736746920 E007220WP5155 FOR36402825L
Matte Amethyst/Bone / Medium 716736746937 E007220WP5559 FOR37975615M
Matte Amethyst/Bone / Large 716736746944 E007220WP5962 FOR36227406E
Matte Cinder Haze / Small 716736335445 E007223K45155
Matte Cinder Haze / Medium 716736335452 E007223K45559
Matte Cinder Haze / Large 716736335469 E007223K45962
Matte Bone Gradient / Small 716736746951 E007220WR5155 FOR36974403L
Matte Bone Gradient / Medium 716736746968 E007220WR5559 FOR37594993M
Matte Bone Gradient / Large 716736746975 E007220WR5962 FOR36211629E
Matte Cloudgrey / Small 716736336237 E007223OH5155 FOR33328312L
Matte Midnight Navy/Sagebrush / Small 716736924373 E007221PQ5155
Matte Cloudgrey / Medium 716736336244 E007223OH5559 FOR34467680M
Matte Midnight Navy/Sagebrush / Medium 716736924380 E007221PQ5559
Matte Cloudgrey / Large 716736335568 E007223OH5962 FOR33986171E
Matte Midnight Navy/Sagebrush / Large 716736924397 E007221PQ5962
Matte Draplin / Small 716736335506 E007223KK5155
Matte Draplin / Medium 716736335513 E007223KK5559
Matte Draplin / Large 716736335520 E007223KK5962
Matte French Navy/Black/Rock Salt / Small 716736335575 E007223OI5155
Matte French Navy/Black/Rock Salt / Medium 716736335582 E007223OI5559
Matte French Navy/Black/Rock Salt / Large 716736335599 E007223OI5962
Matte Merlot/Aloe / Small 716736446394 E007220FW5155
Matte Merlot/Aloe / Medium 716736446400 E007220FW5559
Matte Merlot/Aloe / Large 716736446417 E007220FW5962
Matte Spruce/Safari / Small 716736335537 E007223L45155
Matte Spruce/Safari / Medium 716736335544 E007223L45559
Matte Spruce/Safari / Large 716736335551 E007223L45962
Matte White/Cement / Small 716736336206 E007223OG5155 FOR35887496L
Matte Trail Camo / Small 716736924403 E007221SC5155
Matte White/Cement / Medium 716736336213 E007223OG5559 FOR36416414M
Matte Trail Camo / Medium 716736924410 E007221SC5559
Matte White/Cement / Large 716736336220 E007223OG5962 FOR35258472E
Matte Trail Camo / Large 716736924427 E007221SC5962
Matte Moss/Stone / Small 716736746982 E007220WZ5155 FOR3398610L
Matte Moss/Stone / Medium 716736746999 E007220WZ5559 FOR345884M
Matte Moss/Stone / Large 716736747002 E007220WZ5962 FOR33382072E
Matte Poppy/Terra/Storm / Small 716736747019 E007220XD5155 FOR39778898L
Matte Poppy/Terra/Storm / Medium 716736747026 E007220XD5559 FOR40565584M
Matte Poppy/Terra/Storm / Large 716736747033 E007220XD5962 FOR39967556E
Matte Slate/Fool'S Gold/Terra / Small 716736747040 E007220XI5155 FOR43471673L
Matte Archive Wild Child / Small 716736924281 E007221NZ5155
Matte Slate/Fool'S Gold/Terra / Medium 716736747057 E007220XI5559 FOR44803956M
Matte Archive Wild Child / Medium 716736924298 E007221NZ5559
Matte Slate/Fool'S Gold/Terra / Large 716736747064 E007220XI5962 FOR43562859E
Matte Archive Wild Child / Large 716736924304 E007221NZ5962
Stripe Cult / Small 716736758527 E0072210K5155
Stripe Cult / Medium 716736758534 E0072210K5559
Stripe Cult / Large 716736758541 E0072210K5962
Matte Black / Small 716736336176 E007223OE5155 FOR29253718L
Matte Black / Medium 716736336183 E007223OE5559 FOR30675345M
Matte Black / Large 716736336190 E007223OE5962 FOR29498790E
Matte Coyote/Indigo / Small 716736924311 E007221O65155
Matte Coyote/Indigo / Medium 716736924328 E007221O65559
Matte Coyote/Indigo / Large 716736924335 E007221O65962
Matte Dusk/Bone / Small 716736924342 E007221O85155
Matte Dusk/Bone / Medium 716736924359 E007221O85559
Matte Dusk/Bone / Large 716736924366 E007221O85962