Morristown Renovation - Photos - August


One of the steel beams that will bridge the gap between the old and new store sections

Propping up old wood beams while we cut away existing verticle support

Temporary aluminum beams used to hold up wood beams in preperation for the installation of the steal beams

Cutting a slot in the wood beams to make a channel for the new steel beam to sit in

These large wood beams will be butted into the new steal beam so old wood beams can easily be attached to the new steal beams.

Installing the wood onto the new steal beam

Here is the end of the new steel beam with the wood attached

The newly cut slot in all the old wood beams can be seen here.  A new steal beam will sit in there.

Here is the second new beam ready to be lifted into place.

One of the new steal beams has already been lifted into place.  You can see it going right to left.

We are getting ready to begin restoring the brick storefront. 

Some of the old metal that holds up the brick had to be reinforced. 

This is the corner of the old store area near the dressing room.  The ceiling was reconstucted to get ready for the addition of a sky light.

New roof where the skylight will be installed.


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