Morristown Renovation

Marty's of Morristown has gone Green!

Construction is complete and we are open in both buildings!  

Marty's Reliable Cycle of Morristown has undergone a long overdue expansion and renovation.  We worked with Architect Walter Kanzler of Eco Collaborative who specializes in providing environmental and socially responsible solutions for new construction and renovation projects. The front building is now  LEED Certified.

We expanded our showroom into the other half of the front building (formerly a packing and shipping business). 

The project also included:

  • Retrofitting our current show room area with a window on the wall facing the firehouse (there are no windows on that wall currently)
  • Opening up the wall between the current showroom and the new section.  This includes removing the old bathroom, moving the basement stairs forward 3 feet and countless other stuctural, electrical, and plumbing endeavors.
  • Moving the front counter to the middle area between the old and new showrooms.
  • Installing two new bathrooms.
  • Installing a skylight in the corner of the current showroom where the dressing room is located (currently a very dark, unpleasant corner)
  • Converting the current clothing display area into a Bicycle Fitting Studio.  This studio is to include a coffee bar and a new skylight in the middle of the room!  (this is the back room in the front building)
  • Reconstructing the exterior of the building.  This includes restoring brick work on front of the building, installing new windows and doors on the front of the building, installing an awning over the front windows, installing a new sign, moving the back door of the front building to face the back building, etc.

Green Solutions Included in our Project:

  • The fact that we are not knocking down our building and putting up a new one scores big with the environment.  We are using MUCH less raw material and creating MUCH less waste than if we were replacing our building. 
  • Waste we create (drywall, wood, pipes, wiring, etc.) will be sorted and recycled.
  • We did an energy audit before constuction began and concluded that the store should be approxamately 40% more efficient when constuction is complete.
  • New Heating and Air Conditioning System - (MUCH more efficient than our current 25 year old system)
  • New insulation
  • New highly insulating windows
  • Low voltage lighting (LED Fixtures)
  • Low VOC Paint (much less toxic than standard paint)
  • New wood is sustainably harvested
  • We will also be using as much reclaimed wood as possible
  • Our new counter top will be made of locally sourced concrete
  • Bathrooms will use dual flush toilets.  Uses less water than a conventional toilet for liquid waste.

Photos and News:

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Photos by Luke Kelly - Grand Opening Ceremony

Project Photo Timeline

Photos - February 18, 2010

Photos - February 12, 2010

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September 25, 2009
Daily Record video clip from our Green Building Showcase on Septermber 24, 2009


September 23, 2009
Front Page Daily Record Article about Marty's Green Construction Project


Photos - Early September 2009

Photos - August 2009

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