Morristown Renovation - Photos - Early July

New Bathrooms will go here.  Concrete will be poured on this insulation.

The front of the store is now divided up by these crazy temporary walls.  We are getting ready to start the structural work that will connect the old and new storefronts.

Beginning repair of old exterior walls.

The first floor of the brick front had been painted years ago.  The paint is being removed and the brick is being restored.

A large portion of wall between the old and new showrooms is being removed. (Hence the magic plastic wall in the middle of the old showroom)

This wood column is going to be replaced with a steel column, that will then help support new steel ceiling beams above.

All these studs will be removed.

You can see the interface between the old house section of the building and the newer storefront where the huge old beam is protruding.

An electric panel being moved.


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