Morristown Renovation - Photos - Early October 2009

The old storefront area has been gutted!  Yes, we are still open during consturction!  :)

The ledge just inside the front windows has been removed. 

There's the basement!

You can see into the basement stairwell behind Germain's bicycle.  There is one of the remaining sections fo the oldschool counter.

This place is like swiss cheese!

When they removed the ledge under the window, there was no floor underneath!  We were thinking of installing a bicycle dumbwaiter in the void for getting bikes out of the basement, but decided the location wasn't optimal, and put in a floor instead...

This is the wall of the showroom that had two tiers of bikes.

This empty section of wall is going to have a new large window!  (This is the wall that faces the municipal parking lot and firehouse)

Plumbing for apartments upstairs.

Exterior wall of old house portion of building.  Check out that wooden clap board!

Framework for new bathrooms is up!

Framework for small office partition behind counter is in progress.

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